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Midwest Dynamic Automation has been providing quality systems since 1997. In order to provide our customers with the best solution for their individual needs, we strive to develop a personal relationship with each one of them. With many years of cumulative experience, our engineers and service personnel can solve your problems using state-of-the-art technology within a affordable budget.  

From concept through completion, we provide turnkey installations, retrofits and 24-hour emergency service. 


The Dynamic in our name is for our speed of response. Because we realize that breakdowns cost your company tremendous amounts of money in lost production time.  We excel at and look forward to  bringing you back on-line at a moment’s notice.


Quality Policy

Midwest Dynamic Automation has adopted a policy to provide high quality in programming solutions, hardware control systems, and engineering services.


Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations as we value your trust and business. We guarantee the delivery of projects in a timely manner with cost effective prices. This policy will be maintained through continuous improvement and total employee involvement.

Our Services 

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- Electrical Engineering and Design

- Control System Design

- Control Panel Design

- Motion Control Design and Programming

- Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

- Drives and Drives Systems

- Human/Machine Interface ( HMI)   

- Programming & Development

- Logic Programming & Development

- Network Implementation

- Control Panel Shop Fabrication

- Level 2 Control System

- System Upgrades & Retrofits

- Installation & Start Up Services

- Turn-Key Installation

- Computer Aided Drafting

- Field Service

PLC Systems 

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Programmable Logic Controllers


  • ​PLC2, PLC5

  • SLC 500

  • ControlLogix


  • S5

  • S7


  • Series 6

  • 90-30

  • 90-70

  • RX7i

Automation Direct 

Software Solutions 



  • Ifix

  • Ihistorian

  • Fix 32


  • InTouch 

  • INSQLHistorian 


  • Visual Studio 

Areas of Expertise 

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Cable Processing

·         Converting

·         Chemical

·         Cement/ raw material handling

·         Environmental systems

·         Paper and Film

         Steel making

·         Steel Rolling Mills

·         Slitting

·         Printing

·         Food/ Beverage

·         Laminating

·         Level 2 control system

·         Tires and rubber

·         Historical trending

       Production Reports

·         Bar Mills

·         Tube Mills

·         Cut-To-Length

·         Plastic & Rubber

·         Conveyor Systems

·         Pumping System

·         Water Treatment Plants

·         Waste water treatment

Drive Control Systems 


- Siemens 

- Eurotherm 

- Allen-Bradley 


- GE

On - Site Support 

Whether you are setting up machinery or an entire plant, Midwest Dynamic Automation on-site services ensure that your new equipment does exactly what it's supposed to do as part of your automated system.

We believe that training your staff is one of the most important steps of a project; yet, it is often overlooked. Frequently, understanding the details of a new system is left up to the initiative of the operators. Ultimately, without training, productivity suffers and frustration grows. Training is the best solution for mitigating the anxiety typically associated with the first few critical weeks during and after start-up.

With Midwest Dynamic Automation you can rest assured that your existing equipment is serviced as your staff is properly trained with highly qualified people with access to the best tools and knowledge in the industry.

After having successfully completed the training, the operators will be confident in managing and controlling the system. This minimizes downtime, upsets, and nuisance events. Ultimately, investments in personnel training result in improved productivity. Midwest Dynamic Automation Inc. is confident that with our training methods, a new control system will be well received by the inside and outside operators and function more efficiently.

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